84% of companies anticipate a leadership shortfall

yet 5 % of those companies have implemented training to prepare their rising leaders.

What are you doing to equip your team for the future?

How are you ensuring that they have a solid foundation to lead into the future that is ahead of us?

If you haven't thought of anything or have put it on the backburner, consider enrolling them in the Leaders in Training Program, an interactive program designed to equip leaders - rising and active- with the foundational soft skills to improve their productivity and performance.  

Why Choose L.I.T.?

With the help of expert guest instructors, the lead facilitator will guide leaders through.

  • Leader's Mindset & Leading in Challenging Times

  • Productivity and Health & Wellness

  • Emotional Intelligence for Managing You & Others

  • Becoming an Inclusive Leader

What Investing in Your Leadership Includes

  • Quality content from 6 expert instructors

    Learn from a group of seasoned leaders who get it! There are four live sessions with the lead facilitator and five recorded sessions, featuring guest experts.

  • Digital Resources & Assessments

    Access to the course content for the lifetime of the course along with pre- and post assessments, digital workbooks, and resources.

  • Wellness Box

    A wellness box with products from diverse suppliers that promote balance, productivity, and overall well-being (*For clients within the U.S.)

What Other Have to Say

Engaging Approach

Ahmed Zayed, Senior Project Manager

I highly recommend Ashley for any organization seeking to increase individual and team performance through soft skills. Ashley’s approach is thought provoking and engaging, a powerful combination that drives learning to action.

Transparency & Safety

Tina Wilson, Primerica Regional Vice President

“I did not know my team felt that way. I am so glad Ashley came and trained with us. Now I will be able to better lead my team.”
This dynamic group of instructors has over 50 years of combined experience with organizations of all sizes, from local small businesses to enterprises. They've worked with a variety of industries that include oil & gas, healthcare, financial services, IT, and more. Their work has been featured in outlets like The Houston Chronicle, Dr. Oz, Larry King Live, and BBC.


  • How do I experience the L.I.T. Program?

    The program is a hybrid of live virtual and self-paced sessions. You have two access option. The first option is to attend an open enrollment session that is offered quarterly. Participants attend for 8 weeks. These sessions are open to anyone who signs up. Quarter 3 sessions are scheduled for October 5 - November 23 (On Tuesdays @ 10:00 AM CST during those dates.) The second option is for an organization to host/sponsor sessions for their team (s). Sessions can be scheduled for 8- week, 5- week, or 4 - week implementation. (If you have a group of friends or colleagues who want to learn together exclusively, this is a good option also.)

  • Can I attend if I am student?

    Yes, but there are some requirements. Students must be in their senior year of undergraduate or more advanced levels (graduate, etc.). This program is designed for leaders and those preparing to step up in leadership. Students even get a special deal with the appropriate documentation.

  • Is enrollment refundable?

    Seats are non-refundable but are transferrable. If you can't attend, you can pay it forward to someone else. If you sign up for a particular session and can't make you, you can transfer your enrollment to the next open enrollment session.

  • What do I need to be successful in this program?

    That's a great question! You need an open mind, good learning environment, stable internet, and the commitment to show up ready to engage in the work. You may want a pen and pad, but you'll be receiving a workbook to take notes. You can always use a digital notebook like Evernote or OneNote also.

Secure Your Virtual Seat.

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Course curriculum

  • 3

    Live Session 1: Leader's Mindset & Leading in Challenging Times

    • Action Items

    • Resources

  • 4

    Self-Paced Session 1: A Leader's Mindset w/ Ehi

    • About Ehi Ade- Mabo

    • Leadership & Mindset w/ Guest Expert, Ehi Ade-Mabo - Mindset Surgeon

    • Action Items

  • 5

    Live Session 2: Leadership Productivity, Health, & Wellness

    • Action Items

    • Resources

  • 6

    Self-Paced Session 2: Productivity, Health, & Wellness w/ Ellen & Metra

    • About Ellen Martin Kramer

    • LIT Interview - Ellen

    • About Metra

    • LIT Interview - Metra

    • Action Items

  • 7

    Live Session 3: Emotional Intelligence for You and Leading & Managing Others

    • Action Items

    • Resources

  • 8

    Self-Paced Session 3: Leadership & Emotional Intelligence w/ Larissa

    • About Larissa Thomas

    • LIT Interview - Larissa

    • Action Items

  • 9

    Live Session 4: How to Become a More Inclusive Leader

    • Action Items

    • Resources

  • 10

    Self-Paced Session 4: Leadership & Inclusivity w/ JeNae

    • About JeNae Johnson

    • LIT Interview- JeNae

    • Action Items

  • 11

    Live Session 5: Wrapping It Up & Moving Forward

    • Action Items

    • Resources

  • 12

    Post Assessment

    • Post Assessment

  • 13

    Next Steps

    • It's a Wrap

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